It's Going to be a Great Site


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Hopefully it does take off! Would be nice if it turned out like the old pro mod forums where its a bunch of results from the regional race series.

Tom Dwyer

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This is great! Thanks Will. It would be great if the Pro-Mod type tech posts could be ported over here from ITA. There has been some great subjects lately that can't be used in TAD/TAFC and really only apply to Pro-Mod or outlaw applications.

Mike Canter

I have not seen promods dying. I believe Outlaw Promod class at US Street Nats had 42 cars qualifying. That didn't include ProXtreme and ProNitrous. I think as the economy improves so will the attendance.


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Good luck with the new forum Will.

While I'm a pipe rack guy, I hope to get some good info from all the Pro Mod guys.



THANK YOU and we really appreciate a dedicated ProMod site to help promote our sport, help sell parts, field tech questions, and hopefully we will have some help reporting race results from local races and the big boys too! THANKS from all of the BLR Outlaw ProMod Crew, Shelbyville, TN