If you're scared, say you're scared!


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Rule #1: This forum is not for the faint of heart, or the easily butt-hurt. Check your feelings at the door and get back to what started drag racing - my hot rod is badder, faster and quicker than yours!

So if you think you can out run someone, this is the place!

Whether it's calling someone out to a race, calling BS, etc., this is the place!

We do ask a few simple ground rules. We don't need the F-bomb or sexually explicit talk on here. It's one thing to talk hot rod trash. If it gets personal and someone starts talking about physical altercations, please check back to Rule #1. There may be a place for all of that, but it ain't here.

I will be the benevolent dictator of this site and forum. If it crosses the line, it may be deleted or edited.

I hope this forum turns out to be a fun ride and not just a page where everyone scrolls by, too afraid to jump in!

Sunday Drive

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Not scared or butt hurt, so all is good here.;)

Looking forward to seeing the latest and greatest goings on inside the P/M game!:)