Fresh Air Systems


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I'm interested in using a fresh air system in my car. Does anyone have any recommendations? Pros/cons?

Will Hanna

They are definitely handy if you get a fire inside the cockpit. It makes it easier to drive with the visor closed, but I wouldn't rely on it to keep the visor from fogging. I would either get an anti-fog visor from your helmet mfg or I have always buffed dawn dish soap on the inside before a run.


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I run the F.A.S.T air system in my car have never had it Fog up and I turn it on when I get in the car and its a lot more comfortable as it gets hot down here in Australia

Bob Meyer

New Member seems to be down at the moment. I've used their air system in several cars. Carbon bottle, valve, regulator, hose, and billet clamps. Quality deal. Also have fill hose and scuba big tanks to refill yourself.
Joe is a busy guy, try 619-889-6303 and leave a message.
Or I can find out.

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