Andy McCoy Race Cars Sponsors Pro Boost in 2017

Will Hanna

Andy McCoy Race Cars Sponsors Pro Boost in 2017
Rossler Transmissions Provides Low Qualifier Award

PITTSBORO, N.C. (February 3, 2017): Andy McCoy Race Cars has been a staunch PDRA supporter since the series’ inception. Now the premier chassis builder is increasing involvement by stepping up to sponsor PDRA’s Pro Boost category for the 2017 season. As well as backing the incredible Pro Boost action this season, Andy McCoy Race Cars is sponsoring the ‘Ask the Pros’ segment on the PDRA/Speed Video Live Feed for the second consecutive year.

Andy McCoy Race Cars Pro Boost has been a wildly popular category, both in terms of racer participation and fan response. Pitting different power adders against one another, Pro Boost is reminiscent of Pro Mod’s beginnings and provides similar excitement as turbocharged and import entries continue to increase, battling the more traditional blown, domestic machines. Andy McCoy Race Cars’ customer Tylor Miller of the Pee Dee Fleet team runs in the category and hopes to overtake the domination of GALOT Motorsports team members exhibited last season. He will debut a new AMRC-special body, a 1979 Corvette, later this year. AMRC is also building a new Pro Boost ride for Chris Russo, among others.

“It’s a very exciting class, a very healthy class,” McCoy said of PB. “Throughout the year we maintained at least a 16 car field. When the class first started they were running 3.90s. Low 3.70s is the number now. It’s exciting to see it grow. In the PDRA you get to see a variety of really cool cars.”

McCoy hints that Miller’s new Corvette will likely debut around the time the PDRA stops at the Miller family-owned Darlington Dragway. Other ‘79 Corvette bodies have already gone overseas to Australia, Sweden and Germany.

AMRC debuted an industry-leading website last fall. Clients can build a custom AMRC car right on the site and receive an immediate quote of cost. Parts and accessories are also available for purchase through the AMRC site.

“Our new online store has started taking off. We’re pretty excited about it. We do composite bodies and parts. Over in the fab shop we build the race cars. Then we expanded into the online parts - anything that goes on a race car you can buy. But now we’ve also ventured out a little bit into something different from other chassis builders. We’ve come out with our own energy drink. It’s already taking off and doing well. We named it Pro Boost so that we could hand it out in the PDRA to all the Pro Boost teams. We’ll walk around to all the [Pro Boost] guys, welcome them back to the PDRA and give them some energy drinks on us for coming and running with us. We want to work hand-in-hand with the PDRA to make this thing better for everyone involved. We want to do more than sponsor the class. This is a partnership. Let’s see how many people we can reach, together, to build the PDRA up.”

Pro Boost energy drinks are currently available at, convenience stores local to the company’s base in Washington, Missouri and at the Pee Dee Fleet trailer at PDRA events.

“We always put God first in everything we do because if it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t be here and do what I do,” added McCoy. “All my guys in the shop - I want to thank them. They come in here and work hard, give up time with their families to help this business grow.”

For the fourth year in a row, Rossler Transmissions is sponsoring the Pro Boost Low Qualifier award. Every Pro Boost number one qualifier receives $500 thanks to Rossler Transmissions. Over the past 36 years, Rossler has built some of the strongest transmissions in the industry. A Rossler transmission was on the first automatic Pro Mod. It was also the transmission aboard for the first Pro Mod five second run in the quarter-mile. The company boasts its own machine shop to develop specially designed components and continue raising the bar for performance transmissions. In strength, durability and performance, Rossler Transmissions refuses to skimp.

“From the very beginning we’ve never stopped trying new ideas,” emphasized Carl Rossler. “That goes hand in hand with the number one qualifier. Every year the cars get faster. You think it can’t possibly get any faster, but it does. We want to reward those people who are pushing the evolution of the sport to go faster. It’s a small way to help them be proud of what they’ve accomplished. There’s a lot of smart people out there, always thinking about the next move. That’s the same as us; we’re always looking towards the future. Even when our stuff is working well we’re constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.”

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