572 Donovan 500 Block Big Chief Head Blown Alcohol Engine SOLD

Dana Wardell

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572 Donovan aluminum, water block big chief head blown alcohol engine. Engine recently freshened with new Fowler rods. Crower 4.50 crank, Crower roller cam and lifters, TD shaft rockers, Manton push rods, Enderle pump, Enderle K-Valve, RCD front crank hub, Aluminum Morroso valve covers, Morosso 10 quart wet sump oil pan, 14-71 Littlefield supercharger, Indy manifold, Carbon fiber 3 hole CG composit injector hat. Pictures available. $22,000 plus the ride or complete as listed above with MSD 44, points box, coil and wires. Fuel lines, nozzels and distribution blocks, $26,000 plus the ride. SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Pictures available on request. Contact Dana Wardell (916)849-3551 or e-mail [email protected]m
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