Polyurethane Rigid Rubber Sealing Strip Casting Machine


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Ⅰ. Product Classification:
Apply to the manufacture of hard rubber, semi hard rubber polyurethane products, PU20J-YF series.
Ⅱ. Functions and features:
1. Using intelligent digital display instrument, temperature error ≤±1℃.
2. High-temperature resistant low-speed high precision metering pump; accurate matching, flexible adjustment and measurement accuracy error of less than ±0.5%. The rate of grated product is guaranteed.
3. Precise dynamic mixing system head is suitable for the uniform mixing PU glue of all viscosity, applicable to foaming, sealing, casting filling and adhesive etc.
Ⅲ. Application:
Two-side end covers of filter, oil filter paper adhesion and safety pad of air filter etc..
Ⅳ. Main parameters:
Mixing ratio(A:B)A:B=3:1A:B=3:1A:B=3:1A:B=3:1
Total discharge amount(g/s))1-3.52-86-1810-30
Pouring head stirring speed(r/min)4000-60004000-60004000-60004000-6000
Rotation speed of circle(r/min)15-10015-10015-10015-100
External dimension(length*width*height)(mm)1400*1100*20001400*1100*20001400*1100*20001400*1100*2000
Total power(kw)6678Polyurethane Rigid Rubber Sealing Strip Casting Machine