Customized Roller Brush


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Product information:
Cattle Body Rotary Roller Brushes
roller lengthCustomized on request
roller materialIron, steel, plastic, nylon, etc.
Roller diameterCustomized on request
Brush wire lengthCustomized on request
Brush wire materialPlastic wire, nylon wire
Brush wire diameterCustomized on request
Brush wire colorCustomized on request
Flocking wayMartin flocking type
Product description
● Factory direct sales, custom brush, cow massage brush, rotating cow body brush.
● When the cow tilts the brush body, the motor automatically starts to drive the brush body to rotate; when the cow leaves, the motor drives the brush body to continue to rotate for a period of time and then stops. Automatic rotation, stop and manual control of the brush body are possible.
● Swinging rotating cow body brush for improving cow health, comfort and well-being.
● The product is an innovation in caring for cows and comfort. The brush body begins to rotate as soon as it comes into contact with the cow. It rotates in any direction at the most comfortable speed of the cow. The speed is smooth, from head to tail, from the back to the side, the cow is fully Enjoy a thoughtful and comfortable life.
● The length and hardness of the bristles stimulate the cow's blood circulation and keep the cows clean and quiet.
● Cows with oscillating automatic rotating cow body brushes will be healthier and produce more milk, while also ensuring that cows have the best and most comfortable living environment.
Product Usage
Automatic cow body brush, cow body cleaning brush, cow massage brush, rotating cow body brush.
Customer questions and answers
Question: Can the brush be customized?
A: Yes, you can provide us with drawings or samples, which we can customize according to the drawings or the size and materials of the samples. You can also design brushes for you according to your requirements.Customized Roller Brush