572 cu. in. 8.3 ltr. Cast Water Block Blown Alcohol Complete Engines

Dana Wardell

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Have 8.3 ltr. Arias blown alcohol. complete ready to run, solid cast 10.7 deck block and water cylinder head engine.One is a 572 cubic inch. Complete from injector to pan. Enderle upright injector, Waterman shut off, Littlefield 14-71 standard opening supercharger, Arias 4.50 pistons, GRP rods, billet 4.50 crankshaft and a billet 4.125 crankshaft, roller cam and lifters, Manton push rods. Endelle 1200 fuel pump, external oil pump, wet sump Olson 10 qt oil pan, magnesium front cover with mag driv with Mallory mag and wires. $15,000 plus shipping

Contact Dana Wardell (916) 849-3551 or [email protected]
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