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    parts clean out

    Did the oil pump sell
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    pro mod clutch

    Lenco drive is a cs2 and about 50 lbs lighter because you don't have a drive unit and a trans hooked to the back it's all built together
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    A980 whipple fuel system

    We don't have to run at 92 over that's what the rules allow that's why I posted I have no idea where to start on overdrive or fuel system or what to expect for boost got some great information from Z06 think he has me pointed in the right direction
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    A980 whipple fuel system

    Have an A980 whipple with built in injector needing a base fuel tune up. I have jet area software I just have no idea what this thing will put out for boost at 92 over on a veney 526 hemi shifting at 9000. Any one you would recommend to send fuel system too that has whipple experience. Or any...
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    Lenco drive vent/over flow tank

    Thanks for the info Mike how big an over flow tank do I need for the Lenco drive it's a two speed
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    Alky pro or drag racing pro ?

    Looking to buy a fuel program which one is more user friendly or which one is better
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    Lenco drive vent/over flow tank

    can you hook it into the engine puke tank or does it need to have a separate tank we have a Jeffers corvette that uses the upper frame rail as part of the puke tank to the back of the car could I tie into that or would it allow alky or engine oil to possibly get into the trans?
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    Msd arc module

    Thanks Mike that's exactly what I want to do I updated software last year but I'm sure they have updated it again so I will make sure I have the latest version
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    Msd arc module

    Can some one send me a zero file or walk me through how to make a zero file got the arc module on the car and hooked up just not ready to use it yet Email [email protected] Thanks Andrew
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    Msd 8 ignition box

    Nice used msd 8 ignition box fresh back from msd bought from Patterson racing box only no hardware new price is over $1200 buy this one for $450 plus shipping I take PayPal or money order any questions or pictures call or text Andrew at 316-708-7166 or email [email protected]