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  1. Craig Moss
    Craig Moss
    Crew chief Ain't Right Racin' Piston In The Wind Q/E Drag boat
  2. Z06
    Z06 Drew556
    Call me at 225-572-6348, so we can talk off-line. I blueprint , fix and upgrade all blowers. My passion is the old Whipple's. Just finished complete repair (broke the snout off the front case) and upgrade for PROMOD63 (Alton H.) on Some pics of my work on my Competition Engine Designs Facebook page.

    Competition Engine
  3. Z06
    Owner Competition Engine Designs; (In-Progress) Tim McAmis C7 Z06 , KB Olds, PB2005 Brodix, A980 Whipple, Lenco Drive
  4. Blown540
    Outlaw ProMod 63 Corvette, 980 Whipple Supercharged-Shelbyville, TN
  5. Promodracer
    Promodracer Mike Canter
    Thanks for sharing Mike. So is this going to replace inside top alcohol
  6. AMRC
    Andy McCoy Race Cars